New 5 updates that Google recently have made in Gmail


Gmail stands for Google mail which an email service is provided by Google. It's really useful for any email user. It's free to use and provides a large amount of storage space that is enough for any user.  Gmail supporthas a lot of features and hacks that you may not have known what more things you can do with Gmail:  

1.    Add new Gmail themes:

   If you got bored of your old background then you can use Google themes. Some of the themes are more fun and some of them make you harder to read your email and some of them change during day time.

How to change your Google theme

You need to follow following steps to change your theme in Gmail on your computer:

       First, log in to your Gmail account and then click on Settings on the right corner of the screen.

        Click>Themes in the drop-down menu.

       Choose a theme by clicking on one of the theme thumbnails.

       Click>Save to set a new theme to your Gmail background.

2.    Get driving direction from Gmail:

With this feature, Google automatically detects addresses in your messages and also creates a link in your messages asking you to track such an address on your map. You need to do follow steps given below to track get driving directions:

       Click > Map this link which appears on the right-hand corner of the message window.

       Google map will open up the address in a separate browser window or tab.

3.    Send and receive Video hangouts from your email:

       With the Integration of Gmail with Google Hangout.

       It lets you send instant messages to your contacts and also allow to do voice and video hangout calls. Earlier this feature also used to be known as Google talk.

4. Now you can use Inbox for free:

       Now with your Gmail account, you can use an alternate app named as "Inbox By Gmail" by which you switch between Gmail and Inbox, as according to your preference.

       You may lose a few features by using Inbox but you will experience a smoother interface with intuitive sorting.

       If you don't like the Inbox, then you can switch to Gmail by clicking on the Gmail link on the Inbox sidebar.

   5. Get free IMAP and POP mail:

       Gmail supports IMAP and POP which are the Internet protocol that desktop clients use to retrieve email messages.

       You can use Outlook to check your Gmail account.

       Some of the Google service providers charge for POP access.

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